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Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 21:04:52 CDT

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    The punctuation you're after is U+05F3 HEBREW PUNCTUATION GERESH (not to
    be confused with HEBREW ACCENT GERESH at U+059C). Everyone uses
    apostrophe because it's what's available, but that's really what the
    PUNCTUATION GERESH is. Similarly you'll see some abbreviations with
    double-quotes (") between some letters. That's really supposed to be
    U+04F4 HEBREW PUNCTUATION GERSHAYIM (again, not to be confused with the
    accent of the same name).

    In these cases, it's being used to modify the letters to indicate
    non-Hebrew sounds. צ׳ means "ch" like in "church", ג׳ is "j" like in


    Deborah Goldsmith wrote:

    > I'm in the process of grooming some data for the CLDR 1.1 release and
    > have run into an issue with use of a modifier letter in Hebrew.
    > There appears to be a usage of a modifier letter or punctuation to
    > annotate transcriptions of non-Hebrew words. This is appearing in the
    > country and language data. Here are some examples using U+0027
    > AZ { "אזרבייג'ן" }
    > CL { "צ'ילה" }
    > CZ { "הרפובליקה הצ'כית" }
    > GS { "האי ג'ורג'יה הדרומית ואיי סנדוויץ' הדרומיים" }
    > cs { "צ'כית" }
    > I have two questions:
    > 1. Is this considered punctuation or a modifier letter? I.e., would
    > the proper character come from U+2xxx (punctuation) or U+02xx
    > (modifier letters)?
    > 2. What is its proper typographic shape? Is it really a straight mark
    > like U+0027, or does it look like U+2019, U+2018, or something else?
    > I'd appreciate any information anyone has on this mark.
    > Thanks,
    > Deborah Goldsmith
    > Internationalization, Unicode liaison
    > Apple Computer, Inc.

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