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From: Dean Snyder (
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 13:33:27 CDT

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    Dominikus Scherkl (MGW) wrote at 6:31 PM on Tuesday, May 25, 2004:

    >> There are tests and there are tests.
    >That realy was a _very_ hard test - fraktur was never
    >designed for capitalized layout.
    >Noone can read this well - and I do often read texts
    >in fraktur.
    >Was your argument that what is proposed as Phoenician
    >letters need to be "translitterated" to be read at all?

    No, the argument is that since others are using the claimed illegibility
    of Palaeo-Hebrew for modern Hebrew readers to justify a Phoenician
    encoding, they should be consistent and apply the same reasoning for
    separately encoding Fraktur capitals (all the more because modern Fraktur
    has greater potential for more living users than does Palaeo-Hebrew).

    The fact that you and others claim this is a really hard test proves the
    point - the illegibility argument should be applied more judiciously than
    it has been here.

    For reasons similar to why I would be against separately encoded Fraktur
    abstract letters I am currently against separately encoded Phoenician,
    that is until some OTHER reason(s) more compelling than those I've seen
    so far are provided.


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