Re: Glyph Stance

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 15:50:37 CDT

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    Dean Snyder asked:

    > Archaic Greek exhibits variable glyph stance, that is, glyphs can be
    > flipped horizontally or even vertically, usually dependent upon the
    > direction of the writing stream.
    > How should variable glyph stance for the same characters in the same
    > script be dealt with in Unicode and in a Unicode proposal?

    TUS 4.0, p. 340 (available online):

    "If the default directionality of the [Old Italic] script is overridden
    to produce a right-to-left presentation, the glyphs in Old Italic
    fonts should also be mirrored from the representative glyphs shown
    in the code charts. This kind of behavior is not uncommon in
    archaic scripts; for example, archaic Greek letters may be
    mirrored when written right to left in boustrophedon."

    That is how it should be dealt with in Unicode.

    And there is no point in making a Unicode proposal to do otherwise,
    as the UTC has shown no interest in treating glyph mirroring in multiple
    directionality layouts as anything other than concerns for
    higher-level protocols.


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