Re: proposal for a "creative commons" character

From: John Hudson (
Date: Tue Jun 15 2004 - 22:57:34 CDT

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    >>1. The Euro symbol is a logo of the new European currency.

    > Yes, but it is not _just_ a logo. It is a logo which found its way into
    > plain text. It is quite usual for a plain text to use the euro logo instead
    > of the EUR currency abbreviation.

    I wouldn't even use the term 'logo' for the euro symbol. It is a currency symbol just like
    the $ sign. The fact that it was invented by a committee and didn't develop organically
    over time does not make it a logo, and it has very quickly developed all the
    characteristics of other currency symbols, including great variation of form and
    typographic representation. Furthermore, it is a symbol specified by, recognised by, and
    encoded by national standards bodies. Unsurprisingly, if a government comes along and says
    'We have this legal symbol that means X and we have a need to use it in plain text', that
    symbol tends to get encoded.

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