Re: proposal for a "creative commons" character

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Tue Jun 15 2004 - 23:21:55 CDT

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    At 06:45 PM 6/15/2004, Chris Jacobs wrote:
    >Just a start, but to get it encoded you need more. Examples of using the cc
    >logo in plaintext _might_ help.

    Make that "widespread examples of using (cc)" since a character is not
    available in plain text. Such examples might help, and so would widespread
    use of this character in other contexts where copyright is normally used,
    and which conceivably could have been in plain text if it had been the
    copyright symbol;

    I disagree with the 'we don't do logos' argument in its most simplistic
    form for this case as there is a clear analogy with an established symbol
    that *is* supported in plain text. So the argument does not hinge on the
    plain text vs rich text question, but on whether the level of usage
    indicates that it should be recognized by a *worldwide standard* such as

    If several million users were using this symbol daily, and given its plain
    text analogue we would quite likely encode it, 'logo' or not.

    The Euro symbol, was from its start analogous to $ which answered the 'is
    it a character' question. Given its backing by the EU, widespread use could
    be assumed, and it was encoded *before* practical use of it began.

    The creative commons movement does not have the same clout as the European
    quasi government with now 420 or so million subjects ;-) so copious(!)
    examples of widespread actual use would be needed to 'start the discussion'.


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