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From: Donald Z. Osborn (
Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 12:28:20 CDT

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    Thanks, Mark and all for the replies. It's definitely great that AIF is on board
    and I note (as I should have before - it's been some time since I referenced
    the page you mention) that there is some other diverse international
    representation at various levels. It is striking, though, that there is really
    no organizational or (inter)governmental representation from Africa except
    indirect (AIF, SIL, ...). I realize this is not intentional.

    Looking at the liason level membership, perhaps this could be offered to some
    entities active on the continent (RIFAL, though based in France, has been
    working on a project in several countries for conversion of African language
    texts in legacy fonts to Unicode; ACALAN, the Academie Africaine des Langues,
    is intended to be the language body for the African Union and was a host of the
    African Languages & Internet workshop at the Bamako 2002 preparatory conference
    for the WSIS, a workshop that had questions about Unicode [not that I follow
    their reasoning there]; and perhaps others?).

    Thanks again and all the best...


    Quoting Mark Davis <>:
    DZO> >what sort of African and other non-Western
    > > representation is there on the Unicode consortium?
    MD> We were very glad recently to welcome Agence Intergouvernementale de la
    > Francophonie as full member of the Consortium, and look forward to working
    > with them to address needs of peoples in Africa. To see what other
    > non-Western representation there is, look at
    > I guess the announcements on are not reaching the
    > intended audience!
    > Мark
    . . .

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