Re: Name of Greek block (was: Re: Greek tonos and oxia)

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 15:11:18 CDT

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    At 01:21 AM 7/1/2004, Peter Kirk wrote:
    >On 30/06/2004 16:35, Kenneth Whistler wrote:
    >>>the versions in the main Greek and Coptic block (or has it been
    >>>officially renamed just "Greek"?)
    >>No, the block name won't be changed, in part because changing
    >>block names is another destabilization in the standard that
    >>really serves nobody well, but mostly because the existing
    >>14 Coptic letters derived from Demotic will continue to
    >>be in that block, regardless.
    >I asked partly because the name listed at
    >is now just "Greek" when I think it was formerly "Greek and Coptic". But
    >maybe my memory is faulty because that page has not been updated since
    >last October.

    That's a bug on the page listing the blocks. Thanks for noticing.


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