Re: Greek tonos and oxia

From: busmanus (
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 19:37:43 CDT

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    Peter Kirk wrote:

    > On 30/06/2004 11:18, busmanus wrote:
    >> Peter Kirk wrote:
    >>> If you prefer to use precomposed characters
    >> I need to use them at the moment, because my word
    >> processor does not support the trickier aspects
    >> of rendering combined glyphs (e.g. making use of
    >> the "corner points", etc.). I can't even make it
    >> use a precomposed ligature for a letter+combining
    >> diacritical combination. Can you recommend anything
    >> more advanced in this respect (if it doesn't qualify
    >> as an ad)?
    > I see from your message source that you are using
    > Windows 98.

    Actually the machine I use for typing Classical Greek has
    Linux (Red Hat 9) running with the version of Open Office
    shipped on the install CD-s.

    > But your system will not do a good job of rendering decomposed
    > characters. It will neither combine them programmatically nor replace
    > them with precomposed character glyphs.

    This is exactly my problem. But it's nice to hear that Office 2003
    at least finally caught up with this issue. This may be the right
    motive for open source tools to follow the example.

    Does anyone know of a present Linux program that can cope with
    such a task? (I understand that Open Type/True Type fonts
    themselves already have the required functionality, even if
    it isn't used by all font designers.)


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