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Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 17:52:40 CDT

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    > We, K. Kasturi & G. Kasturi have devised a script which is common
    > to the 12 principal languages of India. After a comparitive study
    > of the alphabet of the languages, we now present a common font for
    > them. We call it the "Bharathi Lipi". Details of the font, the
    > methodology employed in devising it, the incorporation of the font
    > into a standard ASCII keyboard, and sample sentences in each language
    > presented in Bharathi font are given in our website at:

    This is a subject of some interest to many of us. For example, Doug Ewell
    has created Ewellic <>, primarily
    for English. My favorite Indian script is Nikhilipi,
    <>. However, as Unicode will be
    in use for an indefinite period of time, quite possibly centuries, we'd like
    to avoid filling it with characters that nobody will use. As such, we prefer
    to wait until Bharathi Lipi has seen actual use, like books printed in the
    script, before encoding it. Until that time, the Private Use Areas have been
    created in part for this purpose, so you can use Bharathi Lipi before it
    gains widespread usage.

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