Bharathi Lipi

From: K. Kasturi & G. Kasturi (
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 09:42:11 CDT

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    We, K. Kasturi & G. Kasturi have devised a script which is common to the 12 principal languages of India. After a comparitive study of the alphabet of the languages, we now present a common font for them. We call it the "Bharathi Lipi". Details of the font, the methodology employed in devising it, the incorporation of the font into a standard ASCII keyboard, and sample sentences in each language presented in Bharathi font are given in our website at:



    We do not know if this device fits into your scheme of things. However, please visit our website and give us your comments.

    Our status : K. Kasturi, former Station Director, All India Radio, & G. Kasturi, former Editor, The Hindu.

    P.S : An introduction to the idea, and a redirection to the website can also be found at:

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