RE: Updated UTF-8 Magic Pocket Encoder

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Date: Fri Jul 02 2004 - 12:58:04 CDT

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    > Thanks. Do you have a tested source code available for UTF-8 to unicode
    > conversion.?

            I'm really not sure what you're looking for here. UTF-8 is a
    character encoding specification, Unicode is a character set. What you are
    probably dealing with is UTF-8 encoded Unicode data, in which case, no
    "conversion" is necessary.

            I suspect you may be working on Windows, where the term "Unicode" is
    (unfortunately albeit understandably) used to refer to UTF-16LE. If this is
    the case, you can convert UTF-8 to "Unicode" by opening the UTF-8 file with
    Notepad, then using "Save As" and selecting "Unicode" as the format. This
    will work on Windows 200 and XP, but not on Windows 98 or NT4. I do not
    know whether it works on Windows ME.

            If this is not your case, please provide more information.


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