RE: Looking for transcription or transliteration standards latin- >arabic

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Date: Fri Jul 02 2004 - 12:24:09 CDT

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    > Note: I am still speaking of transliterations (e.g.
    > transformations that
    > 'roundtrip'), not transcriptions (which try to match the
    > pronunciation more
    > precisely, and may lose information).

            OK, just because I do so love monkey wrenches, please explain what I
    found in my atlas:

            Vietnamese English
            Hà Tĩnh Ha Tinh

            In which we have a trancription/transliteration/taxonomy problem
    between Latin and Latin. Since this does not remotely roundtrip (Ha, for
    instance, has 18 Vietnamese equivalents), and no attempt is made to match
    pronunciation, how do we refer to it?


    Trivia question: Which Vietnamese city does my atlas spell correctly, much
    to the chagrin of the Vietnamese?

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