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Date: Sun Jul 04 2004 - 08:58:34 CDT

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    Philipp Reichmuth a écrit :

    > Except there is no "v sound", only an "f sound" in the Russian
    > pronunciation of Чайковский due to regressive assimilation.
    > "Chykoffskee" is pretty accurate, actually. I'd say Tchaikovsky is
    > just a spelling taken over from French at a time when French was
    > pretty much the international common language at least in diplomacy
    > and art.

    [PA] And the prevalence of French in the Russian imperial nobility.

    In French it is today Tchaïkovsky (with tréma), but the v looks like an
    attempt to transliterate, Russian names written in French in the XIXth
    century would usually transcribe в as ff : boeuf Strogonoff, Michel
    Strogoff (Jules Verne), *Princesse Demidoff* née Strogonoff, Tchékoff as
    an émigré name in France [2 born in Paris between 1916 and 1940].

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