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From: Patrick Andries (Patrick.Andries@xcential.com)
Date: Mon Jul 05 2004 - 12:06:10 CDT

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    Patrick Andries a écrit :

    > http://www.evertype.com/alphabets/french.pdf
    > Several remarks :
    > ü seems not be be listed (see « würmien », « le würm », « argüer» now
    > acceptable according to a recent spelling reform).
    > Population of France is now 61,7 millions (including around 1,7
    > millions French citizens in French overseas territories), but French
    > is also the native tongue of populations in Belgium, Luxembourg and
    > Switzerland (all in Europe).
    > Haarmann 1993 figure of 58,1 millions was for Metropolitan France +
    > overseas territories (1990 census).

    [PA] Incidently I notice contrarily to French the populations for Dutch
    and German speakers include the speakers of those languages in several

    Also for Dutch, I'm not convinced the list of letters is complete in

    Most vowels could take an acute accents I believe : attaché, logé
    (French words), dóórdringen, géén, búíten, drááien (stressed syllables,
    cf. http://www.geocities.com/tinnestaaltroep/tinnepick.html, stressing
    words graphically is common and (much) more frequent than in written
    English while stressing words by adding accents is about completely
    absent in French).

    The circumflex also is used : enquête, gêne, fêteren

    As well as è in scène (in my Kramers Nederlands-Frans dictionary).


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