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From: Patrick Andries (Patrick.Andries@xcential.com)
Date: Sun Jul 04 2004 - 20:31:43 CDT

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    Sujet: Re: is "n with tilde" used in French language ?
    Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2004 21:31:28 +0100
    De: Michael Everson <everson@evertype.com>
    Pour: unicode@unicode.org <unicode@unicode.org>
    Références: <200407041900.i64J0aEN022268@mx1.pcnet.ro>

    At 21:50 +0300 2004-07-04, Cristian Secara~ wrote:
    >>According to Michael Everson's site, "The Alphabets of Europe" page,
    >>the French .pdf, character ñ and Ñ (Latin small / capital letter N
    >>with tilde) is used by the French alphabet.

    >The reason it is in that list is because there
    >are some loanwords in French which retain the
    >letter. Cañon is one of these.


    Several remarks :

    ü seems not be be listed (see « würmien », « le würm », « argüer» now acceptable according to a recent spelling reform).

    Population of France is now 61,7 millions (including around 1,7 millions French citizens in French overseas territories), but French is also the native tongue of populations in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland (all in Europe).
    Haarmann 1993 figure of 58,1 millions was for Metropolitan France + overseas territories (1990 census).

    [1] http://www.insee.fr/fr/ffc/pop_age4.htm

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