Re: Looking for transcription or transliteration standards latin->arabic

From: busmanus (
Date: Mon Jul 05 2004 - 06:48:20 CDT

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    busmanus wrote:
    > Philipp Reichmuth wrote:
    >>> If we were starting from scratch today, we'd probably do better. (I
    >>> hope we would retain the "v" sound in "Чайковский" instead of converting
    >>> it to "f".)
    >> Except there is no "v sound", only an "f sound" in the Russian
    >> pronunciation of Чайковский due to regressive assimilation.
    > Just like in English or French, as far as I can perceive.
    > The reason for spellings like "Stroganoff" for "Stroganov"
    > is word-final devoicing in Russian, which is absent from
    > French and at least much less marked in English, so it had
    > to be denoted explicitly.

    I was inaccurate here: word final devoicing does occur in French
    sometimes, but not in the voiced member of a voiced-unvoiced pair
    like /v/-/f/. In Russian it _only_ occurs in such pairs.

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