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Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 12:22:16 CDT

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    On 07/07/2004 17:04, Mike Ayers wrote:

    > ...
    > Are you just trying to kick up dirt here, or were you
    > genuinely unaware that National Geographic is an American
    > publication? I specified "American", as opposed to "English speaking"
    > in this case for that reason, also because the British are known to be
    > more familiar with, and therefore tolerant of, various diacritics. I
    > doubt, however, that this would have any bearing on Vietnamese, which,
    > while it uses familiar looking diacritics, uses them in very
    > unfamiliar (to Europeans in general, as best I understand it) ways.

    Indeed we British are more tolerant. Most of us have learned at least a
    little French and so vaguely know what e acute sounds like, perhaps also
    e grave, and that e with an accent is not silent, as in café. Other
    accents we tend to understand as marking stress and/or length, which
    works for Spanish and probably also António's Portuguese. So we do a lot
    better in guessing pronunciation than we would do if the diacritics were
    stripped off completely, even if we don't actually understand properly
    what they mean.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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