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Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 12:45:45 CDT

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    > Say, I have given a 2-Byte Unicode character code. How can I quickly
    > find out, how the corresponding
    > character *should* look like according to the standard?
    > From the Unicode standards page (FAQ and Search), it seems that it is
    > easy to find the code point,
    > when one knows the character name. I would like to do the reverse,
    > though.

            Use the code charts:

            As you hold the mouse over each link, look at the status bar of your
    browser which shows the link name. You will see the final part of the link
    name is "U" followed by hex digits followed by ".pdf". The hex digits are
    the first codepoint in that block. The charts are in ascending order - top
    to bottom, left to right. Once you find the chart you want, finding the
    character should be no problem.



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