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From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 13:42:46 CDT

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    Mike Ayers a écrit :

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    > > Say, I have given a 2-Byte Unicode character code. How can I quickly
    > > find out, how the corresponding
    > > character *should* look like according to the standard?
    > >
    > > From the Unicode standards page (FAQ and Search), it seems that it is
    > > easy to find the code point,
    > > when one knows the character name. I would like to do the reverse,
    > > though.
    > Use the code charts:
    > As you hold the mouse over each link, look at the status bar
    > of your browser which shows the link name. You will see the final
    > part of the link name is "U" followed by hex digits followed by
    > ".pdf". The hex digits are the first codepoint in that block. The
    > charts are in ascending order - top to bottom, left to right. Once
    > you find the chart you want, finding the character should be no problem.
    [PA] Personally, I often use Babelmap and Code 2000 as default font,
    easy to see the character properties and come with English or a French
    UI with corresponding character names. Also nice to test the script,
    cut and paste the characters, etc.

    P. A.

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