Re: Arabic Presentation Forms A vs. B

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 14:08:33 CDT

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    At 10:19 PM 2/19/2004, wrote:
    >The Arabic data in question is for place names in a
    >mapping product. So far, we have only received one
    >complaint and it was a missed two element ligature from
    >Arabic Presentation Forms B. Does this mean that
    >the ligatures in Arabic Presentation Forms A do not
    >apply to place names? Or did I just luck out?

    The Presentation forms are (with very few exceptions)
    simply ballast. There are some ligatures that do occur
    as single code point in some codesets, usually in
    places where the language is not Arabic, but ligatures
    of special Arabic words are needed (and used almost
    like symbols).

    In other words, nobody has attempted to verify the
    contents of these blocks and you are on your own.


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