RE: Diacritic and similar foldings and spam filtering

From: Mike Ayers (
Date: Fri Jul 09 2004 - 10:46:01 CDT

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    > Indeed. I wouldn't suggest going beyond the clearly
    > shape-based. But it
    > is hard to know where to draw the line, which is another
    > reason to add
    > to /|/|ike's good ones for not trying to standardise this.
    > But this kind
    > of approach based on UTR #30 may still be helpful for spam filtering
    > developers.

            I work for a company that produces, among other things, enterprise
    grade email firewalls. We use them ourselves, of course. I did not receive
    Anto'nio's email yesterday, nor Sarasvati's reply to it. This morning, I
    find that the firewall has trapped those two messages and wants to know if
    it should release them to me or destroy them as junk.

            Basically, we've already got this one covered. ;-)


    P.S. I wonder if my signature causes some people to not receive my emails?

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