ZWNJ in MS Access

From: Vladimir Ivanov (
Date: Sun Jul 11 2004 - 01:28:18 CDT

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    Can somebody help me to find out more efficient way to input ZWNJ (zero width non-joiner) U+200C into MS Access 2003 fields with Persian text under Windows XP?

    MS Access 2003 is very convenient for developing dictionaries, each field can be adjusted for one of the scripts, but there is no menu item like Insert/Symbol table in MS Word, so you have to insert some Unicode characters otherwise.

    To input ZWNJ I tried to press combination Shift + Space using Persian Keyboard (FA), as I did it in MS Word 2003. No result.

    Then I tried Keyman with other key combinations. No result.

    Tried typing ZWNJ in MS Word document and inputting it through the Office Clipboard. No result.

    Playing with MS Access macro SendKeys and AutoCorrect options was no good either.

    So I assumed that there is a special rejection filter for ZWNJ built into MS Access 2003 and I tried to deceive it. It turned out that you can deceive the filter, if you embed ZWNJ into a string of other symbols like X + ZWNJ + Y. You can copy that string from a Word document to the Clipboard and enter it from the Clipboard into MS Access 2003 fields. Then you delete X and Y and can enjoy ZWNJ in your Database.

    A similar problem seems to be with the Manual Line Break and may be some other non-printable symbols, but ZWNJ is most urgent for my work (sometimes I have to use it hundreds times a day).

    May be I have overlooked a simple way to do it? Can anybody show me how to input ZWNJ in less moves?

    Thank you in advance,


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