Re: Importance of diacritics (was: Looking for transcription ...)

From: busmanus (
Date: Mon Jul 12 2004 - 09:36:30 CDT

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    busmanus wrote:
    > Mike Ayers wrote:
    >> Interesting case, and one reason why diacritic stripping,
    >> although brutal, may be desireable - it doesn't pretend to be accurate.
    > An even funnier example than Törőcsik's name, would be
    > Benkó /bɛnkoː/ and Benkő /bɛnkøː/, two famous musicians of
    > Hungary. "Singelacute" Benkó plays dixie and jazz,
    > "doubleacute" Benkő the classical guitar.
    > I generally expect publishers to trust readers to decide for
    > themselves, if they want to use the information provided by
    > diacriticals in such cases (personal names, place names without
    > a traditional equivalent). Being "comfortable" simply
    > isn't the right guideline here.
    > Using traditional names for geographical places (like Cologne
    > for Köln) or well-known personalities of the distant past
    > (like Pliny for Plinius) is another matter. And of course,
    > I am talking about typography and not text search functions.

    O, yes, and rough transcriptions in brackets do no harm (e.g. at the
    first occurrence in the given text), at least if such are available.
    This would be (very roughly) something like "Benkó (pron. Benkoh)"
    and "Benkő (pron. Benkur)" for the above examples in US English.



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