Re: Importance of diacritics

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Tue Jul 13 2004 - 04:57:37 CDT

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    On 13/07/2004 00:37, busmanus wrote:

    > Anto'nio Martins-Tuva'lkin wrote:
    >> ...
    >> «Soviet official Хрущёв (Qruxёv, pron. Hrueshawf, a.s.a. Krushchov
    >> etc.)
    > I had a feeling that someone would misunderstand it...
    > Anyway:
    > 1.) The original form of Khrushchov's name is in a
    > different script, and it should consequently appear
    > in non-specialized texts in transcription _only_.

    In the original Russian, the two dots would appear over the Cyrillic e
    only in rather specialised circumstances or in texts marked up
    beginners. For in Russian these dots are considered highly optional, and
    e with dots (pronounced o or yo - a spelling rule prescribes this
    instead of o after certain letters when stressed) is not a separate
    letter of the alphabet (contrast i kratkoe, Cyrillic i with breve, which
    is a fully separate letter from i). And indeed the dotless e is
    reflected in the commonest English transcription, Khrushchev (and
    similarly Gorbachev etc).

    > ...
    > I know rough transcriptions are annoying to the pedantic (so are
    > they to me), but it's a better compromise to give them in addition
    > to the original form of the name (only _once_ in the text) than
    > actually making that original form unidentifiable by stripping
    > diacritics of key importance.
    So how does this relate to "bushmanush" vs. "busmanus" (with diacritics
    stripped?)? What is actually the original form?

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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