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Date: Mon Jul 12 2004 - 18:37:59 CDT

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    Anto'nio Martins-Tuva'lkin wrote:
    > On 2004.07.12, 15:36, busmanus <> wrote:
    >>O, yes, and rough transcriptions in brackets do no harm (e.g. at the
    >>first occurrence in the given text), at least if such are available.
    >>This would be (very roughly) something like "Benkó (pron. Benkoh)"
    >>and "Benkő (pron. Benkur)" for the above examples in US English.
    > I absolutely concur. Additional info may be the traditional
    > assimilated form, if any, and transliteration details, when crossing
    > script boundaries. Ex.
    > «Soviet official Хрущёв (Qruxёv, pron. Hrueshawf, a.s.a. Krushchov
    > etc.)

    I had a feeling that someone would misunderstand it...

          1.) The original form of Khrushchov's name is in a
              different script, and it should consequently appear
              in non-specialized texts in transcription _only_.

          2.) There should strictly be only _one_ transcription used
              consistently for each single name in the given text.

          3.) The whole thing does not apply if there is a uniquely
              identifiable traditional form available, in common
              use by the target language community (in this case
              the English).

    I just wanted to avoid to get entangled in such complicated if-s and
    how-s, because I thought it was all implied in the context.

    I know rough transcriptions are annoying to the pedantic (so are
    they to me), but it's a better compromise to give them in addition
    to the original form of the name (only _once_ in the text) than
    actually making that original form unidentifiable by stripping
    diacritics of key importance.



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