Re: Writing Tatar using the Latin script; new characters to encode?

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Tue Jul 27 2004 - 11:05:34 CDT

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    On 27/07/2004 15:21, Alexander Savenkov wrote:

    > ...
    >I can't guess what is considered by "many in Tatarstan". And I think
    >you shouldn't be guessing too as it makes no difference in our case.
    >If someone, in spite of the law, consider killing people to be ok,
    >it's a matter of court.
    There is a law against killing people, but that doesn't mean that it
    doesn't happen. Unicode encodes characters in actual use, not only those
    officially defined by governments. Even if use of the Latin alphabet
    were illegal in Tatarstan (and it is not illegal, just unofficial), if
    there is evidence that people actually use it, Unicode needs to support
    that alphabet.


    >Btw, I remember reading you visited Azerbaijan, so you know
    >the situation there better. I.e., you should know that many Azerbaijan
    >officials write their public speeches in Cyrillic script, so
    >the secretararies need to transliterate them into Latin before
    This is true, and proves my point. Cyrillic script is not the official
    script in Azerbaijan, and may not be used in publications, signs etc.
    Nevertheless, it is in widespread use. Therefore, Unicode needs to
    support it. The same applies to the Tatar Latin script.

    >>5) This is an alphabet which has been used, even in official
    >>websites, and very likely continues to be used by some. Decisions
    >>made in Moscow do not change this, especially because they are in
    >>practice widely ignored in Tatarstan
    >Once again, Peter, you're going off the topic. You're invited to prove
    >your assumptions with facts or withdraw them. I personally consider
    >statements of this kind as veiled attacks to Russia's statehood.
    >Please, stop that.
    I am merely reporting the facts as I understand them. Decisions of the
    Moscow government are not always obeyed in Tatarstan. Decisions of the
    London government are not always obeyed in parts of Northern Ireland -
    although I don't think any of the disputed ones are relevant to Unicode.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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