Re: Combining across markup?

From: Anto'nio Martins-Tuva'lkin (
Date: Wed Aug 11 2004 - 19:11:54 CDT

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    On 2004.08.11, 18:58, Mike Ayers <> wrote:

    > Better yet, have a generic mechanism which allows you to build

    Even better yet: Have the WC3 rephrase their demand that no element
    should start with a defective sequence (when considered in separate)
    as that no *block-level* element should etc., and leave things like
    <span>, <i> and other in-line elements free to start with a combining
    character (provided that the said in-line container is not the first
    within a block-level element, of course).

    That would, IIUC, address WC3's "fears" and would OTOH satisfy the
    need to mark up differently any part of a *text stream*.

    (Yes, of course CSS allows blobk elements to behave as in-line and
    vice-versa, buat that would be the user's responsability...)

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