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Date: Fri Aug 13 2004 - 17:16:48 CDT

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    > From: Peter Kirk []

    > But what do the users of the language(s) say about this?

    That isn't answering my question, which was about IT implementations.
    Given your further comment,

    > Unicode has dug itself into a deep enough hole already this week...
    > It should be careful to listen to users from small countries
    > rather than impose on them a western guess...

    looks an awful lot like a rant that has little to do with this topic.
    After all, the question asked has nothing directly to do with the
    Unicode Consortium, UTC or the Unicode Standard: ISO 639 is wholly an
    ISO standard.

    As for what Moldovans think, if usage on the Moldovan gov't web site is
    any indication, then "md" is the identifier for this language -- they
    avoid the dilemma altogether by using the ISO 3166 country ID! In the
    constitution, the language is called "moldoveneasca", but having a
    distinct name does not mean that it IT applications it should be
    distinguished. If there is a strongly-felt distinct cultural identity,
    then there may be grounds to consider there to be two different
    languages (cf Serbo-Croatian).

    But none of that has anything whatsoever to do with the question I

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