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From: E. Keown (k_isoetc@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 09:07:32 CST

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           Elaine Keown
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    I'm writing to inquire about the remaining steps to
    include the two "June 2004" Hebrew items in the UCS.

    In June they were voted on positively by the American
    Redmond-Silicon Valley-based UTC and by the
    international JTC 1/SC2, the character set committee
    for ISO worldwide.

    Now I presume the 31 paid member countries of
    ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2----Austria, Belgium, Canada, China,
    Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany....Sweden,
    Thailand, Tunisia, U.S.A.---are voting electronically
    on these Hebrew items.

    Are there a 4th and 5th steps, or is the 31-country
    vote the end of all that?

    It appears to me that Israel is not an official member
    of this committee, so her ISO leaders will not be
    voting. Is this correct? Or are exceptions made when
    a special vote such as this occurs?

    Also, will the Hebrew list and other interested
    parties be given an opportunity to make remarks on
    placement of these items within the main Hebrew block?

    These are both core Tiberian items, used by the
    standard Michigan-Claremont-Westminster text, so there
    is *no* controversy with them.

    Thanks, Elaine

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