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Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 11:01:21 CST

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    Dear Peter Constable and Lists:

    Peter Constable replied on the Unicode list:
    >Which items? There were three at the June meeting:
    >- atnah hafukh
    >- lower dot and nun hafukha
    >- qamats qatan

    Sorry--I was referring to those items *currently* used
    within Michigan-Claremont-Westminster--
    lower dot and nun hafukha. A
    Michigan-Claremont-Westminster of the *future* could
    conceivably use the other two items, but I am almost
    certain that has not been decided yet......

    Since the core issue, internationally, is that we
    Hebraists still can't upload our most widely used
    electronic Hebrew Bible to Unicode, I'm focusing on
    the 2 items *definitely* needed for that.
    >No, the decisions regarding the characters above
    >have already been made:
    >WG2 approved these characters at their June meeting,

    I don't understand. In theory the standards world is
    international and has *some* checks and balances---far
    fewer, it would seem, since about 1988.

    Do these 31 member countries ballot electronically or

    >Isreal *is* an official member of this committee,
    >with observer status.
    >The choice to be a participating member or only an
    >observer is up to
    each country.

    Thank you for this clarification--I had been very
    puzzled about the country membership situation
    --Elaine in Seattle

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