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Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 10:04:37 CST

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    > I'm writing to inquire about the remaining steps to
    > include the two "June 2004" Hebrew items in the UCS.

    Which items? There were three at the June meeting:

    - atnah hafukh
    - lower dot and nun hafukha
    - qamats qatan

    > In June they were voted on positively by the American
    > Redmond-Silicon Valley-based UTC and by the
    > international JTC 1/SC2, the character set committee
    > for ISO worldwide.
    > Now I presume the 31 paid member countries of
    > ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2----Austria, Belgium, Canada, China,
    > Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany....Sweden,
    > Thailand, Tunisia, U.S.A.---are voting electronically
    > on these Hebrew items.

    No, the decisions regarding the characters above have already been made:
    WG2 approved these characters at their June meeting, and SC2 unanimously
    endorsed the complete set of changes being made in amendment 1. The
    overall amendment is undergoing another round of balloting, so it's
    possible that some countries could revisit those decisions, but I
    wouldn't expect that to happen.

    > It appears to me that Israel is not an official member
    > of this committee,

    Isreal *is* an official member of this committee, with observer status.
    The choice to be a participating member or only an observer is up to
    each country.

    > so her ISO leaders will not be voting.

    They can comment.

    > Is this correct? Or are exceptions made when
    > a special vote such as this occurs?

    This is not a special vote.

    > Also, will the Hebrew list and other interested
    > parties be given an opportunity to make remarks on
    > placement of these items within the main Hebrew block?

    Anybody can submit a document with comments to UTC at any time. National
    bodies, including SII, can submit ballot comments to JTC1/SC2.

    Peter Constable
    Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies
    Microsoft Windows Division

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