Re: Egyptological Transliteration Characters

From: Philipp Reichmuth (
Date: Wed Oct 20 2004 - 14:24:26 CST

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    Dean Snyder schrieb:
    >>I think you will actually find little trace of the quotation mark for
    >>Egyptian transliteration in published work although I look forward to
    >>hearing of examples Dean! The modern Egyptian Ayin convention is pretty much
    >>established by end 19th century. Modern computer software all uses this
    > As just one example, you can look at the transliteration section of
    > Gardner's grammar and see that he uses the same character for both
    > Egyptian ayin and Arabic ayin - an indication that he considered this
    > symbol merely a glyphic variant of the left quotation mark used for ayin
    > in Semitic languages.

    For Semitics at least, this is *not* a "left quotation mark"; people
    normally use a left half ring wherever the character is available.
    (Take a look at Brill publications, such as the Encyclopaedia of Islam;
    Brill's Baskerville variant has a pretty distinct ayin.) The quotation
    mark is a substitute only. I guess the only difference in principle
    with the Egyptological version is that the Egyptological ayin more or
    less has an uppercase form.


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