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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 07:26:14 CST

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    I was reviewing the Roadmap for the SMP
    (, in comparison with the list of
    proposed new scripts, and found a few anomalies.

    "Hittite (Anatolian) Hieroglyphs/Luvian" is listed as a proposed new
    script, with a draft proposal, but seems to be missing from the Roadmap.

    There is no mention in the Roadmap of Egyptian Hieratic and Demotic. Is
    the intention to unify these with Egyptian Hieroglyphic? While I can see
    arguments for doing so, Hieroglyphic and Demotic are certainly so
    different that someone who knew one but not the other could read a
    wedding invitation or menu in the other. So by that test, which has been
    put forward as decisive in another case, these are separate scripts.

    Similarly with the two varieties of Meroitic, which are so different
    that it has been suggested printing two different glyph tables in the
    standard - although there seems to be a one-to-one mapping between the
    two sets of glyphs.

    Finally, another historic script not yet roadmapped is the recently
    rediscovered Caucasian Albanian. See and, also
    for a more popular account.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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