Re: Roadmapped scripts

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 14:16:42 CST

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    Peter Kirk noted:

    > I was reviewing the Roadmap for the SMP
    > (, in comparison with the list of
    > proposed new scripts, and found a few anomalies.
    > "Hittite (Anatolian) Hieroglyphs/Luvian" is listed as a proposed new
    > script, with a draft proposal, but seems to be missing from the Roadmap.

    A glitch apparently in the drafting of revised roadmap pages recently.

    Hittite Hieroglyphs/Luvian at 12800..1289F on the SMP.

    > There is no mention in the Roadmap of Egyptian Hieratic and Demotic. Is
    > the intention to unify these with Egyptian Hieroglyphic?

    We'll wait for more input on this from Egyptologists. At this
    point it is proving difficult enough simply to move forward on
    the fairly obvious set of basic Egyptian hieroglyphs needed
    for the Gardner set and a few Gardner additions. That set
    missed Unicode 4.0 and now the Unicode 5.0 in the works. One
    can only hope that someone will seriously champion them for
    an as-yet unplanned Unicode 6.0 some years hence.

    > Finally, another historic script not yet roadmapped is the recently
    > rediscovered Caucasian Albanian. See
    > and

    This is worth further investigation. If anyone wishes to
    provide an analysis to clarify the status of this, that
    would be great.


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