Re: BrdaRten precomposed Tibetan character set (was Re: ISO 10646 compliance and EU law )

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Fri Jan 07 2005 - 06:24:55 CST

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    On 07/01/2005 11:24, Andrew C. West wrote:

    > ...
    >This is nothing to do with Unicode; as far as I know China has made no
    >representation to the UTC, so Unicode is under no pressure to add China's
    >precomposed Tibetan characters. China's requests to add a BrdaRten block of
    >precomposed Tibetan characters has been made through WG2, and has been
    >consistently rejected by WG2. ...

    In that case the issue is not a significant one. But if there were a
    real division of opinion in WG2, that would be a different matter.

    >... China may be an important player, but it cannot
    >force through a proposal that is opposed by *all other* national bodies on WG2
    >-- and for a good reason, accepting the precomposed Tibetan characters would
    >completely break the Unicode Tibetan encoding model, and cause complete chaos
    >for systems processing Unicode Tibetan text. ...

    It might be inconsistent with the Unicode model, but that doesn't imply
    complete chaos. Unicode already includes large sets of precomposed
    characters and presentation forms, including Arabic presentation forms
    which completely break the Unicode Arabic encoding model. Nevertheless,
    Unicode lives with these successfully by giving them canonical
    decompositions, and where Unicode wishes to effectively deprecate the
    characters they are included in the composition exceptions table. My
    suggestion was simply that Unicode could do the same with these
    precomposed Tibetan forms (obviously allocating them to somewhere in a
    higher plane), and the level of chaos would be minimised especially if
    Unicode automatically normalised such text before processing, thereby
    converting these precomposed forms to their regular Unicode representation.

    >... If WG2 did vote to accept China's
    >huge set of precomposed characters (many thousands of them), then Unicode would
    >of course have to follow suite, but given the overwhelming opposition in WG2 I
    >do not think that this will ever happen.
    If this is in fact not necessary, then no action is necessary.

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