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From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2005 - 18:59:32 CST

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    I used to collect statements of the form "I <heart> [LANGUAGE]" in
    various [LANGUAGE]s (especially constructed ones, but that's my own
    craziness). So I have "tlhIngan Hol vI♡" and "Ob ♡ob Volapüki" and "Bíi
    ♡ le Láadaneth wa", as well as "Rwy'n ♡ Cymraeg" and "अहं संस्कृते ♡ामि "
    (My mozilla still shows Devanagari "i" on the wrong side, oh well. And
    remember, objects of verbs of affection go in locative and not
    accusative!) and so forth... I tend to read them as "ob HEART-ob
    Volapüki" and so on.


    Jon Hanna wrote:

    >It's common to read such constructs as I?NY as "I Heart NY". Mainly this is
    >a joke on the twee use of ? instead of the word "love", but none-the-less if
    >you want to pronounce the title, or translate it into a form that doesn't
    >use ? I'd recommend "Heart" over "Love".

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