Re: I Heart Huckabees

Date: Sat Jan 22 2005 - 19:37:06 CST

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    > Obviously, misrepresentation of the title in text so that people end up
    > reading things like "I heart Huckabees" is a problem.
    > =20
    > So what do you figure is going wrong here? Is it that whatever user(s)
    > that first had to list the title as text wasn't aware that they could
    > use U+2764 in text? Or is it that not enough of the software and IT
    > systems used in the film production and marketing industry has adequate
    > support for such characters?

    In the UK the certificate from the British Board of Film Classification is shown immediately before the film. It named the film as "I Heart Huckabees". So in one sense that is its official name. My ticket also used heart.


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