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From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2005 - 18:03:28 CST

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    Simon Montagu wrote:

    > GERESH seems an even more likely candidate than GERSHAYIM to me,
    > because it's not uncommon in proper names. There is a tendency for the
    > GERSHAYIM to fall out of use as abbreviations become more commonly
    > accepted as words in their own right, e.g. תפו״ז, the Hebrew for
    > orange, which is originally an abbreviation for תפוח זהב but today
    > almost always written without GERSHAYIM.
    > GERESH on the other hand, when used as a modifier for letters like ג׳
    > ז׳ or צ׳, would cause a change in pronounciation if it were omitted,
    > so I would expect www.חבד to be a more acceptable substitute for
    > www.חב״ד than www.זבוטינסקי.org for www.ז׳בוטינסקי.org

    Good points, all. I still think GERSHAYIM would be a good thing, but
    yes, רש״י.com doesn't need it as bad as webcam.ג׳ינג׳י.org.


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