Re[4]: IDN problem.... :(

From: Alexander Savenkov (
Date: Fri Feb 18 2005 - 09:13:54 CST

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    Hello Doug,

    on 2005-02-18T08:43:34+03:00 <> wrote:

    > <savenkov at xmlhack dot ru> wrote:

    >> For another realistic example, imagine a hypothetical Russian site,
    >> (which means XML documents). Now, the "XML" string
    >> is obviously in Latin script. No spoofing intended.
    >> Suppose I *want* to visit (which is not unlikely).
    >> My browser should *not* alert me. Never.

    > Maybe just once? After that, the browser would store the domain name
    > (not just the URL) and never ask you again about any URL in that domain
    > name.

    Seamless user experience, that's what is needed. The rest is just
    against the idea of i18n (i.e. a hack), isn't it?

    You can imagine if browsers implement such behavior the popularity of
    domain names that mix characters from different scripts is going to be
    very questionable. Which is, again, discriminating.

    Moreover, someone on the list have already said that most users don't
    even pay attention to the messages that appear on the screen. The
    model is as follows: "Message appears. - What the ?.. I don't want
    this. - Close immediately without reading."

    Clearly, not a solution either.


      Alexander Savenkov                     

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