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From: Peter Constable (
Date: Sat Feb 26 2005 - 14:50:36 CST

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    > > Couldn't [Serbian here] keyboard drivers generate a variation
    > Yes, absolutely! That's the whole point.
    > It's a worldwide interoperable standard.
    > Every Serbian keyboard map on every computer in the world enters t +
    > when
    > the "t" key is hit.
    > Every other Cyrillic keyboard map doesn't.
    > All non-italic Cyrillic fonts -- and everything else in the world --
    > completely ignores the VS1.
    > Smart italic Cyrillic fonts swap in the Serbian Glyph if they see VS1.
    > That's
    > its only impact in the entire universe.
    > (Other than making life a whole lot easier for millions of people.)

    Has it escaped you that right now no Serbian keyboard driver does not do
    this? That no existing Serbian data contains this? That no existing
    fonts -- and every other existing Cyrillic or Serbian font or process in
    the world -- currently will *not* ignore VS1?

    Your "no impact" statement is, frankly, naive.

    Peter Constable

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