Re: Codepoint Differentiation - Serbian t

Date: Sat Feb 26 2005 - 17:04:11 CST

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    > Has it escaped you that right now no Serbian keyboard driver does not do
    > this?

    That can be fixed with one download.

    >That no existing Serbian data contains this?

    That can be fixed with a search-and-replace.

    > That no existing
    > fonts -- and every other existing Cyrillic or Serbian font or process in
    > the world -- currently will *not* ignore VS1?

    THAT's a problem!

    You'd have to start releasing the new fonts for a few years before releasing
    the keyboard driver.

    But that's not such a stumbling block as it might be a few years before some
    important apps are swapping anything for simple scripts anyway.

    > Your "no impact" statement is, frankly, naive.

    Yes! I thought smart fonts would *ignore* a variation selector unless told to
    do *otherwise*. Perhaps a new class of Variation Selector-like codepoints
    could have that behavior, or Uniscribe could be altered to do it for VS's.

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