Codepoint Differentiation - Serbian t: Totally New Solution

Date: Sun Feb 27 2005 - 10:14:09 CST

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    > > That can be fixed with one download.
    > You mean there is only one person using a Serbian keyboard? Perhaps this
    > isn't as much of a problem as others have implied.

    You're almost as witty as I am.

    But I have a new way better solution anyway.

    I'm definitely bullish on E0000 Tags!

    I think a really excellent thing for Serbs to "tag" in their data -- with
    these disrecommended but entirely user-discretionary tags -- is a particular
    letter of the Cyrillic alphabet. In fact I would put a TAG "S" next to every
    occurence of a particular Cyrillic letter.

    And I think a really excellent thing for a Serb font designer to come up with
    would be some fun smart font that swaps in wacky glyphs based on... hey, E0000
    tags. In fact, there's a wacky italic glyph I have in mind.

    And none of that any of Unicode's business.

    And those E0000 tags had better damn well be ignored by other Cyrillic smart
    fonts which are not specifically programmed to notice them.

    So -- point out if there's something about that that won't *work*, but
    otherwise the Serbs now have entirely user-discretionary alternate approach to
    *their* Unicode and *their* fonts on *their* computers.

    Spread the word.

    (What color is *my* revolution?)


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