Re: Codepoint Differentiation - Serbian t: Totally New Solution

From: Curtis Clark (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2005 - 10:43:52 CST

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    on 2005-02-27 08:14 wrote:
    > In fact I would put a TAG "S" next to every
    > occurence of a particular Cyrillic letter.

    I guess I know even less about Slavic languages than I thought. I would
    have assumed that the entire work would have been Serbian, rather than
    the single italic "t", and that, say, a Russian or Bulgarian would not
    be able to easily read the rest of it. In the western European languages
    I'm familiar with, one would tag the entire document (although not
    necessarily with the Plane 14 tags; there are for example XML
    equivalents) as perhaps German, rather than tagging only the .

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