RE: CGJ for Two Greek Ligatures?

From: Jon Hanna (
Date: Sat Mar 05 2005 - 17:35:33 CST

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    > Isn't percent sign a visual "ligature" of zero-slash-zero --
    > regardless of any
    > mathmatical implications?

    No it isn't. It may be derived from that, but it's long since become a
    separate character.

    > Isn't "fli" a visual "ligature" -- and absolutely nothing
    > more than a visual
    > combination of three glyphs, with no alteration in meaning?

    Yes it is. I don't know of an fli character, though there are fl, fi, ffl
    and ffi ligatures encoded, but this is for compatibility with legacy
    encodings. This is not the recommended way of ligating letters, and some
    ligatures that should arguably be included for completeness aren't encoded
    because they weren't encoded in the legacy encodings.

    (As an aside, does anyone agree that the text in the Unicode Standard would
    look nicer if they ligated fi?)

    > For an obscure symbol like this, it doesn't seem appropriate
    > to move from
    > "ligature" to characterhood

    Whether it is a character or a ligature is entirely unrelated to its

    > How curious.

    When I'm curious about something I act on that curiosity.

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