Re: CGJ for Two Greek Ligatures?

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Sun Mar 06 2005 - 19:26:33 CST

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    On 07/03/2005 00:43, Doug Ewell wrote:

    >"vlad" <emperor dot vlad at gmail dot com> wrote:
    >>Couldn't the automatic ligation of fi be prevented in Turkish/Azeri by
    >>encoding their dotted i as i + COMBINING DOT ABOVE, rather than i
    >It could, but that's not what the character is.
    It could, but that would not change the terabytes of data in Turkish and
    Azerbaijani already on the web and in various databases, nor the habits
    and implementations of millions of Turkish and Azerbaijani computer
    users. Even if a change was made, there is no way that Turks and
    Azerbaijanis could be educated to consistently use i + COMBINING DOT
    ABOVE when writing their own languages but simple i when writing other
    languages, when the forms are identical. So any attempt to change
    behaviour now would lead to disastrous confusion.

    The only safe way ahead is to apply the ligature only when text is
    clearly marked up (as for example it would be in MS Word) as in a
    language other than Turkish or Azerbaijani, or when ZWJ is used to
    promote the ligature.

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