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Date: Fri Mar 11 2005 - 04:28:24 CST

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    Yes, I have heard that, too, but don't really buy it.:-) What I have
    also heard is that XML was an attempt to create a dumbed-down version of
    SGML and also create a commercial product and/or substitute for HTML.
    Never mind the history (about which either what you heard or what I
    heard could be true, or something else entirely), what we need now is
    something to serve pressing scholarly/research/computing needs, be that
    'something' SGML or XML or both, or something else (there are always
    more solutions than problems to hand).
    Scríobh Mark Davis:
    > Not according to what I have heard from a number of experts in SGML / XML
    > whom I respect: apparently because of the complexity of SGML, there has
    > never existed a parser that was fully conformant to the SGML spec. I believe
    > that was one of the main motivating factors behind XML, to make a fully
    > specified, easily implementable 'subset' of SGML.
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