Re: Serbian-Latin "sh" alias and ISO-639-1 within CLDR

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 11:19:29 CST

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    If you look at the content, you'll see that "sh" is just an alias for


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    Subject: Serbian-Latin "sh" alias and ISO-639-1 within CLDR

    > I have just seen in the CLDR repository a reference to the 2-letter code
    > "sh" used as an alias for the Serbian language with the Latin variant.
    > According to ISO-639-1, "sh" does not seem assigned, but it may be still
    > interesting code for software localization purpose, because using "hr"
    > (Croatian) for handling the Serbian vocabulary which shares the same Latin
    > script does not seem appropriate, and using "sr" is already needed for
    > localizing software to traditional Serbian Cyrillic.
    > (I am also wondering if Serbian Cyrillic and Serbian Latin are still the
    > same language, given the huge differences of orthographies, which may
    > its pronunciation, and due to the proximity with Bosnian and Croatian that
    > also use the Latin script)
    > So, what is the status of this "sh" language code? Is that just used in
    > CLDR?

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