Serbian-Latin "sh" alias and ISO-639-1 within CLDR

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 10:50:18 CST

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    I have just seen in the CLDR repository a reference to the 2-letter code
    "sh" used as an alias for the Serbian language with the Latin variant.
    According to ISO-639-1, "sh" does not seem assigned, but it may be still an
    interesting code for software localization purpose, because using "hr"
    (Croatian) for handling the Serbian vocabulary which shares the same Latin
    script does not seem appropriate, and using "sr" is already needed for
    localizing software to traditional Serbian Cyrillic.

    (I am also wondering if Serbian Cyrillic and Serbian Latin are still the
    same language, given the huge differences of orthographies, which may affect
    its pronunciation, and due to the proximity with Bosnian and Croatian that
    also use the Latin script)

    So, what is the status of this "sh" language code? Is that just used in

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