Re: ISO how it works and why our one is so bad

From: Sinnathurai Srivas (
Date: Sun Apr 17 2005 - 15:25:16 CST

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    An important cosideration that is worth giving advanced notice.

    Arrangements are being made to decend on Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Linux
    Community and other major coporations to prevent them from using or
    mentioning incorrect and abusive character names.

    Investication is being held to find out if ISO is responsible for preventing
    or drastcally delaying multilingual computing to develop in a compititive
    manner. Causing economic and technical stagnation and if this actions by ISO
    are of civil or criminal nature.

    Sinnathurai Srivas

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    > I'm doing some investigation into how this ISO works, especially haow
    > different departments work and why is it some fields show signs of vibrant
    > tehnological growth and why is it the one dealing with multilingualism got
    > it all wrong and behaves in manners in appropriate.
    > If any one wish to provide information, please do.
    > Sinnathurai Srivas

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