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Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 23:06:40 CST

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    Chetan Pandey wrote:

    > [a + BAR ABOVE] for "aa" as in balm,
    > [i + BAR ABOVE] for "ii" as in meat,
    > [u + BAR ABOVE] for "uu" as in boot,
    > [a + BAR ABOVE] for "aa" as in balm,
    > [m + DOT ABOVE } for M as in saMgiita

    > If someone can pls tell me what this Scheme is called and where it is
    > represented in Unicode, I will be very grateful.

    There are two Latin transliteration systems for Hindi that use these characters, ISO 15919
    (2001) and the United Nations standard (1977). These systems are very similar, but there
    are differences in the transliteration of a few vowels and a couple of consonants. For
    more information see this PDF:

    Not all of the diacritics used in these transliteration systems are encoded in Unicode as
    combined letter + mark combinations. For some of them you will need to use sequences of
    base letters and combining marks.

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